Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners - Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners -

Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners

Having a small pet dog can be a worthwhile experience as they can be your companion for life. This article shows you some of the most miniature dog breeds in the world. Hopefully, after reading this article, it will help you decide which dog suits you and your family when planning to have an additional family member.

French Bulldog

Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners
Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners

French bulldogs are cute in their unique way. They can reach 30 cm in shoulder height and weighs between 9 to 12 kilos. Having a rounded face, rounded bat ears and little face are their distinct characteristics. Despite being small in size, they are muscular in build. Proper training in socialization is essential when nurturing these puppies. French bulldogs are highly intelligent and playful breeds. They don’t bark a lot that’s why children love them as pets.

Boston Terrier

This small dog breed has a square-like appearance. Boston Terriers are unique in their way; they may be small, but muscular. Boston terrier dogs weigh between 4.5 to 11 kilos. When nurturing the young, socialization is vital for them. The Boston Terrier dog is very keen on the tone of your voice. Due to their friendly, funny, and active nature. Boston Terrier dogs are quite sensitive to extreme temperatures because of their short hair, that’s why they prefer being indoors instead.

Shih Tzu

Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners
Smallest Dog Breeds As Pets For Beginners

The name means ‘little lion’ in Chinese. These adorable little dogs only weigh 4-7.2 kilos. They are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, dating back as early as 8,000 B.C. These dog breeds are known for their long, silky hair. Hence, there is maintenance when grooming these dogs. Shih Tzus are loyal dogs that are good as being toy dogs rather than being used as guard dogs.


Despite having a flat, wrinkly face, the pug is one of the best dog breeds you can have in your home. This dog breed is square proportioned. Their name comes from Latin, which means ‘fist’ because their face resembles a human fist. The pug has a shoulder height of 14 inches and weighs about 6-9 kilos. These dogs are very attentive to the tone of their owners. Additionally, they can be good watchdogs because of their devotion to the family. They are social animals too, as they can get well along with other pets inside the house.


You might have already heard of this as it is one of the most popular ones out there. They can also be called ‘poms.’ They are small in size, only measuring 3.5 kilos in shoulder height. Pomeranians have various colors, including green, chocolate, cream, orange, and red. These dogs are highly intelligent, social, active, and they always love to please their masters. They will bark at anything suspicious. Due to the Pomeranians’ loyalty toward their owners, they can be excellent watchdogs. Pomeranian prefers indoors, and consistent brushing is required every day.

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