Smallest Cat Breeds In The World - Smallest Cat Breeds In The World -

Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

Are you a fan of small cats? Then try out one of these most miniature cat breeds in the world as your house pet and life companion. All cats are beautiful in their way, but you cannot deny that the kitten-sized ones are simply adorable. Refer to the list below for some of the smallest cats ever.


Smallest Cat Breeds In The World
Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

This type of cat is said to be one of the smallest in the entire world. The breed is only half the size of regular or average cats. Its petite body is coupled with huge eyes and oversized ears that make for a very adorable cat. This breed is playful and a lover of heights and climbing. One ancestor of this cat is closely related to the Abyssinian cat. It is initially found in Japan and later on became Singapore-based.


Munchkin is one of the most famous small cats in the world. It is best known for its very short legs, and this is a new breed that only emerged during the 1980s. Do not let their short legs fool you because they are still playful and active despite their height. Did you know that these short legs are due to genetic mutations? The trait is now an inheritable gene that gave birth to this breed. There are inevitable health repercussions that munchkins might face seeing that their genetic makeup is far from ordinary. It is undoubtedly advisable to go for other cats instead of supporting this industry but if you do want a munchkin, at least clock in the time to research about any health risks or special needs they may have.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is a unique cat because it is only two-coated instead of the usual three coats. Despite the smaller than average size of the Cornish rex, it is still a very playful pet. It is perfect for individuals with allergic reactions to cats because it is a hypoallergenic version. Its lineage is also closely linked to the Siamese cat, which explains why they both share the same characteristics. These characteristics include their face shape, ear shape, talkativeness, bond with humans, and level of intelligence. Overall, cornish rex cats are great.

American Curl

The cats under this category vary in sizes, but most of them lean towards the smaller size. Another distinct feature is their curled ears which accounts for their name. Their ears curl forward instead of the typical cat ears that jut upwards and outwards. This new type of ears is a result of genetic mutation and crossbreeding. One thing you should keep in mind is that you should continuously clean this cat’s ears as they are incapable because of the curling.

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