How To Litter Box Train Your Cat? - How To Litter Box Train Your Cat? -

How To Litter Box Train Your Cat?

Pooping in the litter box is not innate in all cats. Some might miss it entirely. Here is a guide on how to litter box train your cat. It is not that difficult and your cat will be pooping in one place in no time.

Proper Litter Box

How To Litter Box Train Your Cat
How To Litter Box Train Your Cat?

Cats are jittery animals and they cannot take a dump in a place they feel uncomfortable and unsafe. It is important that you carefully choose the proper litter box for them. The box should have reasonable walls where your kitten can climb over so that they can easily access the inside. If you notice that you cat has terrible aim, it is better to go for a box that has higher sides. Go for a litter box that is made of durable plastic because this option is lightweight, cheap, and durable. The size should fit your cat comfortably with some room around for it to dig and kick.

Number Of Boxes And Location

The rule of thumb is that you should count the number of cats in your household and then add one. For example, having eight cats means having eight litter boxes, and so on. This ensures that all of your cats will feel comfortable and not at all cramped.

The location of the litter box should be very accessible to everyone. Aside from that, the atmosphere should favor your cat’s preferences. They poop better if the box is in a quiet and secluded place with little to no foot traffic so that they can poop in an uninterrupted manner.

Introduce The Box

How To Litter Box Train Your Cat
How To Litter Box Train Your Cat?

The best way to train your cat to use the box is to foster its familiarity with the box. This should be the primary introduction to your cat as soon as he steps foot in your home. You should also repetitively place him in the box after every meal, nap, or playtime. Do not worry if your cat does not like the box right away. He will eventually realize that it is the prime spot for his many bathroom needs.

Other Tips

The first thing you should pay attention to is keeping the box clean. Scoop out the poop once or twice a day, depending on your cat’s frequency to the bathroom. You should also rinse out the box and wash it with soap and water at least once a week.

Avoid meddling with the litter’s scent by adding another foreign scent, such as a perfume. This will just confuse them or make them lose track of where they are supposed to poop. Cats are heavily reliant on their senses of smell to navigate through anything.

The last tip is to cater to the compatibility of your cat and the litter. Your cat won’t immediately like the first bag of cat litter you buy. There will be a trial and error period in which your cat will just try to figure out the litter he likes best. Once you have identified that, stick with it forever.

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