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Facts About Teacup Pigs You Must Know

Teacup pigs are adorable and all, but did you know that there are ugly truths behind their proliferation? Here are some facts about teacup pigs. You must know these facts before you even consider adopting or purchasing one.

They Are Baby Potbellied Pigs

Facts About Teacup Pigs You Must Know
Facts About Teacup Pigs You Must Know

The most striking feature of teacups pigs is that they are small. The reason why they have such a size is because of their age. A lot of teacup pigs are falsely advertised and it is framed that their real size is smaller than a human baby. The reality is they are usually baby potbellied pigs which means that they will still grow bigger over time. Another issue with this is that their size is attained in such an unhealthy and inhumane manner. They are underfed so that their growth will be stunted. Technically speaking, they are underweight.

Unhealthy Size

Facts About Teacup Pigs You Must Know
Facts About Teacup Pigs You Must Know

As aforementioned, their size is attained in such an unhealthy manner. Breeders deliberately nitpick smaller features to make them cuter. This then results to health complications as the teacup pigs are forced to live in a manner they aren’t used to. Some breeders even deprive them of food to the point of starvation. This leads to more health complications like a very sensitive skin as well as problems on their hooves.

Beyond the physical effects, this ridiculous diet makes them very unhappy. These animals are naturally curious and smart. They love exploring the world and rolling in the mud. They are denied of such pleasures as they are marketed as domesticated pets that can be kept indoors. The indoor life is simply not their lifestyle because they will be so much happier if they are allowed to run free, dig into the ground, or splash in some water.

Expensive Care

Just because the teacup pig is small does not mean that it automatically requires less food and other necessities to survive. It is actually quite pricey to care for. Since their size is artificial, there is an endless list of maintenance medication’s and other drugs to keep them that way. That is why they are priced around a couple thousand dollars. You also need to add their basic necessities, costs for sterilizations, a good vet, and a qualified sitter.

Probably Illegal

Despite of their tiny size, the fact still remains that their species are deemed as livestock. That means that it is wrong to keep them and treat them as domesticated pets as that is not their purpose in society. That also means that your failure to properly care for them and their every need is a violation of the law. One must have a large sum of money and the expert ability to take care of these animals. The failure to do so will seriously harm them which results to further animal rights violations.

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