Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners -

Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners

Over a million households keep fishes as their pets. This article will give you options for some of the best pet fishes out there. There are a lot of reasons why people love pet fishes. It can have health benefits. A very good example is that having fished in your home can help reduce stress and blood pressure. So, let’s jump right into it!

Best Pet Fishes – Neon Tetra

Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners
Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners

Neon Tetras are fishes with a peaceful temperament. They prefer being kept together in groups. Measuring 2.2 cm in length, these fishes can have various bright colors. Their diet is mainly shrimp, worms, insects, as well as plants. Taking care of this species requires acidic water in tropical temperatures.

Best Pet Fishes – Guppies

One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they can adapt to various water conditions. It is recommended to keep guppies in sets of threes. Moreover, males are more colorful than female so if you’re looking for a colorful show, you may want to keep males only. You can feed guppies with animal-based foods or plant mixtures that can be bought from a local pet store. These fishes thrive at 52 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Oscars are one of the most intelligent fishes out there. You can train them to do simple tricks as well. However, these species grow up so quickly so they are sometimes high maintenance when taken care for. It is advisable to keep them in groups of five or in pairs. 


Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners
Best Pet Fishes Options For Beginners

Measuring at about three to four inches, these fishes are capable of adapting to various water conditions. The ideal tank size should not be less than 20 gallons. It should be warm, with pH levels of 7 to 7.18. Since they are omnivores, you can feed them plant and animal food. In addition to that, these fishes can breed easily so if you’re a beginner, having one is already enough.

Cherry Barb

It got its name from the color the male turns when they are spawning. These peaceful fishes can grow up to two inches in length. You can feed them fresh, live, frozen, and flake foods since they are omnivores. When placing them in community tanks add some planted areas where they can hide.


With over 700 species, these fishes can have a wide variety of colors.  Although they are peaceful fishes when placed in community tanks, it is best to keep just one male killifish since they tend to be aggressive towards each other. Since they are carnivorous fishes, they prefer a diet of worms, crustacean, and insect larvae.

Best Pet Fishes – Betta

Betta fishes are one of the most popular fishes because of their vibrant colors. Having a maximum measurement of 3 inches, they are also easy to care for. The males can be aggressive toward other males. Therefore, it is advisable to have at least one male only. These fishes can also get along peacefully with other fishes in the community tanks. Betta fishes are omnivores, it is best to feed them both plant and animal foods.


These animals are a breed of catfish. Moreover, they have armored plates on their bodies. These fishes feed on algae using their sucker-shaped mouths. Although they can live for up to 20 years, they are extremely difficult to breed, and only a small number of them exist. It is recommended to cover your tank because they are capable of jumping.

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