Basic Equipment For Aquariums -

Basic Equipment For Aquariums

If you think that caring for fishes only requires a glass box and water, then you are wrong. There is certain basic equipment for aquariums one should have in order to effectively care for a pet fish. Check out the list below for the essentials you need. Make sure to invest in premium quality items rather than settling for cheap ones to get a better bang for your buck.

Water Filter

Basic Equipment For Aquariums
Basic Equipment For Aquariums

The quality of your aquarium’s water dictates the comfort level of your fish. Dirty water will make your fish sick and uncomfortable. One way to improve the quality of water is by using a water filter. It is actually a practical tool because it lessens the number of times you need to rinse out the water from your aquarium. It is responsible for eliminating wastes such as fish wastes, excess food, random particles, and other dangerous chemicals that might compromise the health of your fish. Make sure to get a unit that can actually cater to the size of your aquarium.

Air Pump

Fish likewise need oxygen to breathe. You may rely on the natural oxygen that enters the aquarium through the opening but it is better to get a pump. An air pump produces bubbles in your tank which then makes more oxygen molecules available to your fishes. It also constantly agitates the water to keep other harmful organisms from festering.

Water Heater

There are certain preferred temperature levels that will make your fish thrive. It varies from species to species but it is safe to just have a water heater. It allows you to heat up the water until you have achieved the perfect level for your fish. You can determine the temperature by using an accompanying aquarium thermometer. Make sure to check on the temperature regularly and make adjustments accordingly.

You should also choose the correct water heater that can cater to your aquarium size. You can also purchase a canopy or hood that you can place over the aquarium in order to maintain the heat. The average and ideal temperature for most freshwater tropical fishes is seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Light And Gavel

Basic Equipment For Aquariums
Basic Equipment For Aquariums

Lighting is necessary for your fish to be illuminated. The recommended amount of light is about eight to twelve hours per day. The primary purpose is to highlight your fish or to decorate it. Aquariums occupy a lot of space in our home so you can treat it like a piece of furniture. It is only natural that you want it to be well-lit and aesthetically pleasing.

You also need gavel or pebbles to add more dimension to your aquarium. It creates an interactive environment that your pet fish will surely enjoy. There are many colored options or you can simply go for plain ones.

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