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6 Irresistibly Cute Pet Turtles That Stay Small Forever

Pet Turtles Small

While some turtles grow large, there are some turtles that remain small throughout their lifetime. Although turtles have grown in the sea, while others have their habitats in freshwater, turtles are also great companions at home, especially the small ones.

There are several species of turtles that have become people’s go-to pet breeds. They are not as tiresome as owning a dog which requires outdoor activities. Interestingly, it is easy for you to tell whether they are a girl or a boy. If you are looking for pet turtles small to bring home, you can choose from these six species.

Box Turtles

A turtle sitting on a rock

When raised properly, they will grow to a size between 4.5 to 6 inches. As it is native to North America, they have a brown upper shell spotted with yellow or orange. Their faces feature a hooked upper jaw. However, they require the most care, as their anxiety can cause them to nip.

Mud Turtles

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This semi-terrestrial turtle is native to the Eastern United States. They have a grouchier personality compared to others, and handling them may seem like a challenge. Do take note that they excrete a foul-smelling liquid as a natural defense mechanism.

Reeve’s Turtles

Unlike the first two turtles on this list, this species is known for its rectangular shell. They are native to Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan. They can grow for up to five inches long. Most of their time is spent on the water. Thus it is essential to keep its terrarium pond water clean and warm as possible.

Musk Turtles

Mud turtles can live up to 50 years old and can stay 3 to 4 inches. They are highly recommended for beginner pet owners and are great pets overall. This species is one of the smallest in the turtle family and share physical appearances with mud turtles.

Diamond Back Terrapins

If you are interested in getting this turtle, this is not recommended for beginner pet owners. It is a native turtle of the United States and needs brackish water and fresh water to keep themselves hydrated. Most of their diet consists of meat souces such as mussels, clams, and insects.

Spotted Turtles

As their namesake suggests, these turtles are known for their yellow spots all around their heads, legs, necks, and shells. They are semi-aquatic and need a 55-gallon tank with 50% water and 50% land as a terrarium. When getting this for a pet, it requires lots of time to take care of them and live over 100 years.


Pet turtles can become great companions at home, whether you’re living by yourself, with your other pets, or with your own family. Before getting one of these pet turtles small, make sure to look for a respectable breeder, pet shop, and vet to depend on their care. That way, you can focus on caring for your pet and avoid any mishaps.

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